The SphereUs Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving children in poverty. We focus on providing academic resources to children living among their parents who have separated. Research shows, such split home environments create financial disadvantages for children. In turn, children are more likely to struggle in school. They also struggle with health and wellness issues and often are emotionally and mentally scarred from witnessing the destruction of their parents' relationships. Nationally, 40% of all high school dropouts are attributable to family dispersion.

Children in dispersed families have a higher need for tutoring, technical competency, multi-lingual skills, college readiness, and improved diet and fitness.

Consider the following quote from a Seattle-area school teacher:

“Nearly two-in-five parents do not show up for teacher-conferences.

Mostly these are single parents and sometimes grandparents who are

raising the children.  Naturally it’s these kids who don't get their

homework done and in on-time.  But this makes sense because

they don’t have the support and help they need at home while their

parents struggle to make ends meet.  It’s very sad and I see it every day.”

These alarming statistics confirm a focus is needed on serving children in poverty:

1.   At least seven million and as many as fifteen million "latchkey children" return to an empty house on any given afternoon (U.S. Census Bureau, Urban Institute estimates, 2000).

2.   Youth who do not participate in after-school programs are at greater risk of violent crime (juvenile crime triples after 3:00 P.M.), substance abuse, antisocial behavior, poor academic performance, and dropping out of school (After-School Programs: Keeping Children Safe and Smart, A. Chung, U.S. Department of Education, 2000).

3.   Eighty-two percent (82%) of adults say after-school programs are essential for their communities (Afterschool Alert Poll Report, Afterschool Alliance, 2000).

4.   More than six million grandparents are raising their grandchildren with 2.4 million serving as the primary caregivers.  Of these, fifty-three percent (53%) care for their grandchildren for three or longer (U.S. Census Bureau’s 2006 American Community Survey).

5.   Every year, nearly 2.8 million people in the U.S. go through the emotional and financial trauma of divorce. These traumatic events are attributable to the decline in positive educational outcomes of children within these households.

The SphereUs Foundation will help children overcome the deficits accompanying parental separation by improving their educational opportunities and successes.